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Arreton Ali Hayden
Ali is currently employed as a Healthcare Assistant at St Mary's Hospital. Being born on the Island, she cares passionately about the amount of larger planning applications which are spoiling our small villages. Having lived in Arreton for 26 years, Ali has 3 daughters, all brought up in Arreton Village. She was elected to Arreton Parish Council in May 2013, after voicing her objections to a huge planning application in Arreton Village. Ali is also very concerned about Social Care and Health Care on the Island. Because of her work, she knows only too well how both are struggling to keep up with the demands faced. Arreton Parish Councillor.

John Graney
John is a retired Legal Adviser in the Magistrates Courts and a first-time councillor at parish level (although he was a district councillor in Havant before moving to Brading in 1993). He stood for the council because he is interested in the quality of life of the people of Brading and the Isle of Wight. The Island is a good place to live but it could be a better one. John's concerns, include The environment, road safety, local democracy, ferry fares and the erosion of local services, both those provided by the council and those not, such as bank branches closing. Like everybody else he is looking for the answers. John can be contacted on or take a look at his website.
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Mick Lyons - Current Vice Chair
Mick was born and brought up in Ryde and has lived and worked on the Isle of Wight for many years. His previous experience includes working for the Post Office and in education as a teacher of mathematics and science. He now works part time as an Associate Lecturer in mathematics for the Open University and travels frequently to Portsmouth. Mick is a Governor at Ryde Academy. He has been a member of the Isle of Wight Family History Society for many years and in his spare time enjoys running and gardening.
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Geoff Brodie
Geoff has lived in Newport for nearly 30 years and has represented Newport East ward on the IW Council since 2005 and on Newport Parish Council since its creation in 2008. He was the first Parish Chair and is again and has been Finance lead for 9 of its 10 years. Geoff is from the North East of England originall y, which you will gather as soon as you hear him speak. He is a strong believer that collective organisation makes you stronger and he is consequently a staunch supporter of IWALC, on which he has been Newport's representative for most of the last 10 years. Geoff can be contacted on
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Diana Conyers
Diana joined Ryde Town Council in 2017 representing Binstead Ward. She has worked in local government and related issues most of her life, focusing in particular on less developed countries. Diana is now retired, but works as a volunteer at the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) in Newport and its outreaches in Ryde. Her main aims as a councillor are to improve local service provision and increase the general publicís awareness of, and participation in, local government.
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Helena Hewston - Current Chair
Helena is a retired lecturer having worked at the Isle of Wight College and in the prisons. She now lives in Newbridge and has been a member of Shalfleet Parish Council since 2009. Her particular interest is in planning matters. Helena is also chair person of The Isle of Wight Society and a great believer in education and the sharing of knowledge as a way to help others find ways to benefit people's lives. In her spare time Helena enjoys riding her pony, singing and writing.
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