IWALC REPRESENTATIVES ON OUTSIDE BODIES 2017-2018 (updated 24 July 2018)

Carisbrooke Castle Museum Vacant
IW Council Scrutiny Committee Councillor Gill Kennett, deputy Councillor June Davison
Campaign to Protect Rural England Councillor Helena Hewston
IW Health & Well Being Board Councillor Geoff Brodie
Community Action Isle of Wight Councillor Geoff Brodie
National Association of Local Councils Councillor Bob Blezzard, deputy Cllr Gill Kennett
Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Government Association Councillor Bob Blezzard
South East Regional County Association Forum (SERCAF) Councillor Bob Blezzard
IW Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Councillor John Graney
IWC Prevent Board - Councillor John Graney
Community Led Housing Board Councillor Helena Hewston
IWC Appeals Committee - Cllrs Janice Young, Mick Thirkettle
County Association Training Group Cllrs June Davison, Helena Hewston, Sue Hardy, Mick Thirkettle

Initial contact should be by emailing the County Officer
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